Will There Be More Federal Mortgage Regulations in 2018?

Sunday Jan 07th, 2018


By all indications, 2017 has proven to be a tumultuous period in the mortgage and real estate spheres, but a markets observer argued that this year will offer a measure of respite to these beleaguered sectors as well as to a consumer base labouring under an ever-increasing debt burden.

In a recent analysis, James Laird – co-founder of RateHub Inc. and president of CanWise Financial – predicted that no new federal-level mortgage regulation will be introduced in 2018.

“Over the past several years there has been a steady flow of new regulation imposed on the mortgage industry. Maximum amortizations have been reduced, minimum down payments have increased and stress tests have been added. Some are worried that current regulation has gone too far, which is why the federal regulators will take a break in 2018,” Laird stated.

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